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Some thoughts to keep in mind if considering a switch to full time homeschooling - full time homeschooling is a huge commitment on behalf of the parents to educate their children - it’s a commitment - it’s a passion - yes it’s a full time job of sorts of its own - it’s parents knowing they are responsible for the education of their children.

Start out slow - keep in mind, you’re learning how to home school too.

There’s no perfect curriculum and it will take a while to figure out what works - but you’ll figure out real quick what doesn’t work - so be prepared to make changes in curriculum and yes be prepared for stubborn kids.

Remember - they’re used to you as their parent, not as also their teacher.

Take it slow, make it fun ... these are your kids ... enjoy the education as you’d be surprised what you wind up learning too while you’re teaching them ... maybe you’ll learn certain aspects of ancient civilizations that you never even learned about it in your own education from youth ... maybe you’ll surprise yourself in laughing at oh yeah that’s the sound of that vowel ... maybe you’ll discover your kids can learn a lot about the earth just being outside and talking with them about the different types of trees and leaves and soils and rocks etc ... maybe the kids have things they’d like to learn about, so find out their ideas and turn those into fun immersed studies (unit studies) ... take the time to learn about the saints and yeah life wasn’t so easy for them either!

Yes, have fun, keep it simple, start out slow ... homeschooling is a journey for the family, not grueling work making everyone unhappy - it’s life changing, make memories ... these are your kids.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. You may love the notion of homeschooling, but you might have a child that fights it ... they might eventually like it, but they also might wind up hating it more ... then homeschooling becomes a fight and the fight isn’t worth it ... you’ll have to be prepared to make changes and try something else ... these are your kids and you have to remember what’s best for them, not what’s best for you.

Make memories along your homeschooling path, the kids and you will remember the journey a lifetime ... the good, the bad, the ugly, and the fun!

Many Catholic homeschooling resources and topics and curriculums and ideas are actually on our website.

We don't have all the answers - each family is uniquely different from the other - and what works with one family  or even one child, might not work for the other. Homeschooling is trial and error, it's a path the family takes.

Get a cup of coffee or tea or wine, plan to spend some time browsing through our site - there’s a lot on there that you could take time to read more about homeschooling and all that’s available for homeschooling resources - Catholic resources - yes, pretty much mostly Catholic, after all, we are a Catholic homeschool site here in Maryland!

Our name says it all ... Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers. Visit us on FaceBook too!

We've provided some informational links about homeschooling in Maryland and about Catholic homeschooling. These sites already provide wonderful and useful information, so there's no need for us to re-write what is already available!

Discerning Catholic homeschooling but worried about schooling 'alone' - be sure to browse through all the many different Catholic home education programs listed below on this site - listed are Catholic home schooling tutorials - Catholic home education hybrid academies - Catholic home education curriculum programs with optional teacher assigned advising - Catholic curriculum with syllabi - Catholic home school books and materials to learn the how to and put together your own style of schooling - etc!

Homeschooling in Maryland information -

To learn about the laws for homeschooling in Maryland, please visit the Home School Legal Defense Association Maryland website.
Maryland homeschool legal analysis provided by HSLDA. Info about teaching your kids provided by HSLDA.

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) website on Home Instruction.

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) website for state standards programs. Note - Maryland is a Common Core state - in MD called College and Career Ready programs. This applies only to children in the public schools and to certain private schools that enrolled in these state - federal standards. Homeschoolers in Maryland are currently not affected by these same MSDE standards, unless homeschoolers choose to purchase or use such materials as such on their own as part of their own homeschooling decisions.

The Maryland College and Career Ready Resources website. This site includes the common core state standards that is taught by grade level and subjects. Again, this currently does not affect homeschoolers in Maryland. However, it is useful as a guide to those that are curious as to what is taught at each grade level.

Homeschooling Children with Special Education needs - sponsored by the Howard County Autism Society and Howard County Public Schools

Catholic homeschooling information -

The site Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers has just about every resource needed to learn about Catholic homeschooling.

To read an article about Home Schooling Based on Catholic Church Teaching, please visit this article site from Seton Home Study.

To learn more about Catholic homeschooling, please visit the Homeschooling Catholic website.

Article on Ten Steps to Start Catholic Homeschooling.

Catholic online homeschool courses with Homeschool Connections and homeschool resources.

Homeschool Connections has online courses for Catholic homeschooling families. They offer courses and electives for upper grade school through high school.

Courses are offered online live throughout the school year or recorded courses available to use as
convenient to your homeschooling schedule. These courses are a great way to supplement your homeschooling!!

EXCITING NEWS!! Homeschool Connections and Franciscan University have partnered to make it possible for homeschool high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit, as dual enrollment for certain courses; and Homeschool Connection students to receive a discount!!

Books about Catholic homeschooling (there are many other non-Catholic resources) -

Catholic Homeschooling by Mary Kay Clark
Designing your Own Classical Curriculum by Laura Berquist
Catholic Education: Homeward Bound by Kimberly Hahn and Mary Hasson
The Catholic Homeschool Companion by Maureen Wittmann

Seton Magazine - the online Catholic homeschooling magazine with articles from Catholic homeschool authors

Sites with books/materials about Catholic Homeschooling -

Helpful Catholic Homeschool Links - these sites listed by Homeschool Connections - this site includes links for Catholic Home Study Schools,  Catholic Homeschool Planning and Recordkeeping, Catholic Homeschool Publishers, General Catholic Publishers, Books written for Catholic homeschoolers, Catholic Curriculum Mail Order, Catholic Magazines and Newsletters and Blogs, Catholic Websites, and Resources for Homeschooling Children with Learning and Physical Disabilities. Homeschool Connections has put together quite a resource site - no need for us to list all those resources here when you can simply click on their link!

Love 2 Learn - Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers - this site includes many resources for Catholic homeschoolers
Emmanuel Books - Catholic educational materials
Catholic Heritage Curricula (CHC) - Catholic educational materials
TAN Books - publisher of Catholic books and materials

Sites with materials/enrichment items for Catholic crafts and projects -

Catholic Icing
Illuminated Ink
Catholic Printables
Catholic Art
Make a Book of Centuries timeline from Catholic Icing
Coloring Pages from Original Artwork by Daniel Mitsui (btw - these are so artistic that they're great for adults to color too!)

Sites with activities for Catholic families -
Need a Catholic daily planner or monthly calendar -

   The Catholic Daily Planner beautiful and traditional Catholic style daily / monthly planner - several choices and styles available - these are made and sold by a Catholic homeschooling family

 The Good News Planners - several choices available - elementary age, middle school, high school/college, teachers
 The Goods News Planners available lower rate with Rainbow Resource  (link might change)

Many of y’all might be tossing homeschooling around as a legit option. As a former homeschooling mom of ten years, I am still in plenty of homeschool groups. One gal put this together after sourcing links from one of the largest Catholic homeschool groups on FB. I told her I’d share it once it was done, so here we are. Share far and wide, friends. Hot links easily accessible on FB, so hop on over to link through. Full text available on FB as well because IG word limits. ~ M

With so many new friends joining our homeschool communities this year, I thought it was important to share some Catholic Homeschool options!

Listed on the graphic below is a wide variety of wonderful curricula that is faithful to Church teaching and will meet a variety of needs. This list is not meant to be comprehensive but is meant to be a jumping off point as you explore your homeschooling options. Some of these sites offer full boxed curriculum, some of them offer individual classes, some work as more of a supplement.

If you have questions, I highly recommend that you get in touch with someone who you can chat with and ask questions. If you don't know someone, ask me! Or join a group here on Facebook. I can heartily recommend the groups "Catholic Homeschool Moms" and "Heart of a Mother: Catholic Homeschooling Moms".

If you aren't sure what type of homeschool curriculum will best fit your family, check out this blog post from Jenny Bales. It also shares how to access her much more comprehensive curriculum list!

(I chose to include stand alone options for history and religion on the list because sometimes families, for a variety of reasons, will choose a secular or general Christian curriculum or will piece together a curriculum from various companies but they want Catholic recommendations for these particular subjects. These give you options for add ons! Again, this is not an exhaustive list, just some that I’ve seen suggested most often.)

The best (and often the most daunting thing) thing about homeschooling is that you get to tailor make your curriculum to fit your family! I'm praying for you all as you jump in!

Catholic Heritage Curricula-
Our Lady of the Rosary-
Seton Home Study*-
Our Lady of Victory-

Homeschool Connections*- (Really - in a category all it's own as it contains hundreds of online classes in a variety of categories with quality Catholic teachers!)

Charlotte Mason
Mater Amabilis-
Salt and Light-…

Aquinas Learning-
Kolbe Academy*-
Mother of Divine Grace*-
Angelicum Academy*-
Queen of Heaven Academy*-
Catholic Schoolhouse*-
Classically Catholic Memory-
Rolling Acres/Schola Rosa-
Bellarmine Studies-

Catechism Options
Faith and Life-
My Catholic Faith Delivered*-
Seton Home Study-
Baltimore Catechism
Didache Series
Saint Anne's Helper-
Spirit of Truth-…/spirit-of-truth/ho…
Catholic Brain-

Stand Alone History
Story of Civilization-
Connecting with History-
Catholic Textbook Project-

Catholic Friendly Special Mentions (both of these companies are highly loved and supported in the Catholic homeschool communities even though they are not strictly Catholic. I know there are others. Feel free to share them as well!)
Memoria Press*-
Institute for Excellence in Writing-

* online schooling options available

Additional links from the Catholic Sistas site about homeschooling -

Faith at (Home) School

Home-Schooling Programs With a Strong Catholic Identity

Considering home schooling your children? Or changing programs? Here’s the rundown on faithful Catholic home-school programs and supplementals.

Though it is not a definitive list, the programs discussed are some of the most popular Catholic programs.

Ten Things That Really Make a Difference


Homeschooling is about raising children, forming them in the right way, academically and spiritually, and achieving these goals with the children's cooperation. Without the children's cooperation, these goals can't be achieved, because the goals are primarily realized in their hearts. So acquiring the cooperation of your children, in the right way, becomes a matter of grave importance.
CLAA is offering a wonderful discount to our enrolled umbrella families !! Contact MCH about umbrella program and contact CLAA about their curriculum program! 

We have many MODG enrolled families in our umbrella program!
MODG is a K-12 Catholic Distance Education Program based on Laura Berquist's Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum
We have many enrolled Kolbe Academy students in our umbrella program!
Kolbe Academy is a full service Catholic K-12 curriculum provider and bookstore.


YES - the ease and convenience of a Catholic umbrella that completely understands and knows your Catholic curriculum program! Contact us for your home schooling umbrella needs to meet COMAR requirements!

We have many MODG, Kolbe, Homeschool Connections, Queen of Heaven, and other enrollment program families enrolled under our umbrella. We also have a number of families enrolled in tutorials in our umbrella program, including RCA, CSH, etc.

Since its inception in 1995, Queen of Heaven Academy has successfully enrolled homeschooled students in its online 4th - 12th grade programs.

Maryland K-12 location meets in Westminster - contact anytime during school year to make a shadow date.

Applications for academic school year are currently being accepted. Click below to learn more about the admissions process and to access the family application:

St. Ignatius Homeschool Co-Op Hickory: Planning is currently underway for fall 2021. Our co-op meets at St. Ignatius, Hickory in Harford County Thursday afternoons from noon to 3:00 throughout the school year. If interested in Catholic homeschooling and the benefits of learning and socializing with other families in the Harford/Cecil area, please contact Christie Plate at . Deadline to enroll for next school year is June 30. Military families are welcomed and can enroll upon arrival to this area.
Classically Catholic Memory

A Catholic homeschool memory work program, classical in nature, that guides parents and children in mastering challenging and inspiring material in eight subjects: Religion, Latin, History, Science, Math, Timeline, Geography, and Great Words.

Catholic Schoolhouse in Harford County, Maryland

There are several smaller but more private chapters around Maryland. Catholic Schoolhouse offers local chapters of a national program that provides a flexible, classically-based curriculum for grades PreK to 12.  Chapters can meet once or twice a week for classroom-style learning led by paid, trained tutors, and for fellowship and mutual support.  Catholic Schoolhouse works with any style of homeschooling and is explicitly and unapologetically Catholic.  Virtue and family unity are paramount.

   Saint Peter the Rock Catholic Home School Tutorial

                for grades 8th-12th - meets in Bowie Maryland

St. Bede’s is a Catholic homeschool cooperative that utilizes a classical curriculum to educate our children in academics, virtue, and faith. We meet Tuesday mornings in Laurel, Maryland. We offer classes covering grades K-8.  We follow the Catholic Schoolhouse curriculum, featuring science experiments, art projects, music, and memory work in religion, Latin, history, and geography. Our upper grammar students (grades 4-8) also meet in a seminar block for a history-based literature study.

                                  for grades 2nd-8th - meets in Anne Arundel County

         St. John Paul II Academy Co-op (Severna Park)

A full-day spiritual, academic cooperative for the entire family (Nursery – 8th grade). [To participate, families must have a 2nd-grade or older student.] We offer a structured curriculum that fulfills all requirements for History, Literature, Writing, Science, and Art, as well Logic/Grammar. In addition, there is a half-day pre-school program for families with children ages 3-5.

We meet on Thursdays, Sept – May, 8:00am – 3:30pm, beginning with Meditation and Mass at St. John’s and classes held at Our Shepherd Lutheran Church.  For more information, visit our website email

                                                            St. John Paul II High School Tutorial (Severna Park)

Full-time and part-time classes offered

Meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from Sept-May

St. John Paul II High School Tutorial is the resource you are looking for to provide support in educating your high schoolers in a Catholic community.   Emphasis on Catholic character development is of utmost importance.  Prayer and meditation are incorporated several times throughout the school day.  Encouraging an atmosphere of Catholic morality, our motto is Enlighten the mind, Foster the heart, Train the will and Model the Truth.


Our tutorial provides the opportunity for tutors to guide and support your homeschooling endeavors using a hybrid of classical and traditional curriculum.  We accomplish this by having tutors available twice each week on Mondays and Wednesdays from September through May.  Parents remain the primary educators of their children and ensure work assigned by the tutor is completed.  Through our tutors we offer a variety of core classes for *grades 9-12: English, Science, Math, History and Religion as well as enrichment classes:  Latin, Logic and Speech/Debate. * 8th grade students may enroll in a Math class and enrichment classes.

                                                                                Website:    Contact for more information 


     a Catholic preschool curriculum                                                                                       Catholic printables

     Kolbe Academy                                                                                                                                                                                 
     Online Catholic, classical, flexible education                                                                    Queen of Heaven Academy
     new elementary program starting Fall 2020                                                                   Online 4th-12th grade classical
                                                                                                                                     education in the Catholic tradition
Holy Apostles College offers online dual enrollment for
advanced high school students.

Catholic crafts and ideas for kids!

 Ave Momma BlogSpot for Catholics                             CAA is located in Catonsville
     and Rosary Wrap Bracelets                                        offers homeschool PE
                                                                                       and several sports including
                                                                                 soccer, baseball, volleyball, floor hockey

They were all educated at home, as thousands of Americans are today.
-homeschooling article by Mary Cooney
... Another thing George Washington, Louisa May Alcott and Robert Frost had in common ...

Homeschooling Experts Affirm Parents’ Primary Educator Role despite Government Oversight

from the Cardinal Newman Society, by Kimberly Scharfenberger, 20 January 2015


The government should support, not usurp, the role of parents as primary educators of their children, agreed two Catholic homeschooling experts in an interview with The Cardinal Newman Society about the current state of regulations imposed on families that elect to homeschool.


“The educational benefits [of homeschooling] are many,” said Dr. Mary Kay Clark, director of Seton Home Study School. This includes the student’s ability to “proceed at the pace that is best for him in each subject” without being hurried along or held back by classmates. Additionally, Dr. Clark noted that nationally-standardized tests “have proved over the years that homeschooled students consistently outperform in-school students” with average homeschooled students scoring in the 85th percentile.


Laura Berquist, founder and director of Mother of Divine Grace School, said that homeschooling is a natural way “to provide a thorough and consistent intellectual, spiritual, and moral formation for our children.” Catholic parents are able to “tailor educational instruction to the individual child” and ensure that children are raised “within the shelter of a living Catholic culture.”


Yet for many homeschooling families across the country, government oversight has presented considerable difficulties, both experts argued.


In the school district of Goochland, Va., Christian homeschooling families, as well as children ages 14 and up, have been subject to interrogations by the school board in order to evaluate whether the families had sufficient grounds for a religious exemption, according to Todd Starnes in a recent article. 


The intrusive policy was recently repealed following opposition from homeschooling families, including the Pruiett’s, who fought against the policy’s violation of the family’s “right to an exemption from school attendance based on the religious training the parents are providing to the child - regardless of what the child believes.”


“We are Christians and we homeschool our children so that we can instill in them Christian values - from an educational standpoint so that they will acknowledge God in every discipline of life,” Douglas Pruiett told Starnes. “You’re not going to find that in public schools.”


“We know from various Church documents, especially Rerum Novarum by Leo XIII, that the role of government with respect to the family is to foster parental authority, not to usurp it,” Berquist explained to the Society.


“Parents are clearly in a better position to know their children’s needs than the state is, so parents who want more oversight should be free to seek it, but to enforce more rules and regulations from the top down is contrary to the right role of government,” Berquist contended.


“We all recognize that there are times when children need the protection of the state due to parents who are not properly caring for their children, but that is not the norm and should not be standard on the basis of which laws are made,” Berquist continued. “Such ‘oversight’ weakens the whole fabric of society, which is only strong when families are strong.”


Dr. Clark told the Society that state regulations often do little more than inconvenience homeschooling families. “Oversight can mean many things, but with bureaucrats, it usually means time away from what is important and it also means plenty of paperwork,” said Dr. Clark. “Homeschooling students outperform in-schooling students on standardized tests in states that have minimal oversight as well as in states that have more oversight.”


According to a recent Houston Chronicle piece, the number of homeschooled children in the country is currently at an estimated 2.2 million, and states are beginning to relax certain restrictions. Pennsylvania, which required homeschooling families to register with their local school district and submit lesson plans, has reportedly “eased its regulations” as a result of homeschooling support.


Throughout Berquist’s experience in homeschooling, she has “never seen that more government regulation produced better schooling.” Instead, “good schooling in any venue comes from a desire on the part of those in charge to give the great good of truth to their students.”


Dr. Clark explained to the Society that Seton Home Study has students in all 50 states and noted that families in states with demanding regulations - like New York - “put up with the situation but work with groups who are trying to make the regulations less burdensome.” Sometimes, Dr. Clark said, the burden “is not so much due to the law as it is due to local officials who try to make families go even beyond what is required by law.”


“Society and government ought to respect the family community and do its best to help parents to educate their children, rather than merely increasing oversight through paper work and other forms of control,” Dr. Clark stated.

Is College Worth It Anymore?

Why is homeschooling becoming more popular? Glenn Beck talks to Matt Walsh:

Posted by TheBlaze on Friday, February 13, 2015

Why is homeschooling becoming more popular - interview with Matt Walsh
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