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Homeschooling fostering Vocations!!

Boom in Religious Vocations from Catholic Homeschoolers
 - article Seton Magazine
... Catholic homeschoolers have known for years that religious vocations are one of the many fruits of homeschooling. A new CARA Georgetown study confirms it.

Vocations Bloom Among the Home-Schooled
- article Catholic Herald
... In 2013, Archbishop Edwin O'Brien of Baltimore was quoted in the archdiocesan newspaper as saying: "There's no greater feeder for the vocations than the home-schoolers."
Archdiocese of Baltimore - Vocations
Quo Vadis - for high school young men

Archdiocese of Washington - Vocations
Quo Vadis - for high school young men

Diocese of Wilmington - Vocations

DC Padres Baseball - Support Vocations!

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